Effets Matières, Simone Pheulpin and Guests – 23rd to 26th May 2019 – Plaza Athénée Hotel Paris

Effets Matières, Simone Pheulpin and Guests – 23rd to 26th May 2019 – Plaza Athénée Hotel Paris

Effets Matières, Simone Pheulpin and Guests – 23rd to 26th May 2019 – Plaza Athénée Hotel Paris 4276 3030 Maison Parisienne

In the exceptional context of the Révélation’s “Hors-Les-Murs” VIP extramural journey, during the fourth edition of this International Fine Craft & Creation Biennial, Maison Parisienne presents a very focused and unique exhibition « Effets Matières », also named « Simone Pheulpin and guests ».

The exhibition « Effets Matières – Simone Pheulpin and guests » highlights the exceptional creations of this celebrated artist, carefully displayed within the Palace’s ornate lobby, followed by one of the Hotel’s Signature Suites. Viewers might believe that they are facing fragments of stone, shell, porcelain or even ivory. Surprisingly, Simone Pheulpin favors a much more common material: raw cotton bands, transformed beyond recognition, fold after fold, pin after pin.

For this exhibition, Simone Pheulpin has also invited a dozen other artists to display their works in conversation with her own. Visitors will be able to observe some of the rarest and most precious artisanal techniques and appreciate the diverse and rich styles of each artist; from the elusive renditions of glass blowing to the painstaking intricacy of porcelain, from soft fabric to the elevation of geological architectures. This is your chance to discover woods so elegantly curved that they seem to defy the laws of physics, glass spun into tiny threads of lace, flat copper sheets turned into forms that seem to be nearly impossible…

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