a very singular collection

Combining culture and tradition, knowledge and expertise, French craftsmen shed light on the role of unique skills, ambitions and talents.

Beyond the technical feats; and beyond the resulting artworks, there are the men and women whose entire life is devoted to the crafting of outstanding objects and to their personal connection to materials and making.

Each item is unique because it was created by placing emotion at the heart of the artistic experience.

maison parisienne presents a collection of rare objects, each created through the passion and expertise of a handful of craftsmen who strive to create in the most inspiring and unexpected materials. Each material is rendered in a way that is unique and exceptional.

maison parisienne reveals and rediscovers a French art-de-vivre that is as audacious and contemporary, showcasing and revealing peculiar passions among like-minded emotion-seekers and lovers, collectors of curiosities and other beautifully crafted oddities.

maison parisienne celebrates the art of craftsmanship combined with a uniquely French touch, showcasing art objects that are either unique or in very small limited editions, designed for appealing interiors and nourished by the talent of French craftsmen and their love of beauty and luxurious materials.

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