Bénédicte Vallet

Ceramic Artist

Bénédicte Vallet creates unique “ceramic textiles”, exploring different ways of working material, opening new paths for ceramics as she associates it with natural fibers.
She first studied communication before studying at the Beaux-Arts School of Fine Arts in Nantes, after which she pursued enamel making. In her sculptures, she speaks of the love for the earth she developed as a child observing the particular light, lush vegetation and secular traditions of La Reunion, where she used to live. She was moved by her travels, especially to the old markets of Tananarive, Madagascar, where she absorbed the ancestral techniques of master basket-makers.

After exploring different ventures, Bénédicte set her heart on the original color of raw material. She likes to scramble the white of porcelain to demystify its symbolic purity and fragility, to make it come alive.
Once her ceramics are made, she assembles them with hemp and flax fibers. Tying and untying, folding and unfolding this rigid material, she performs a curious magic, revealing unexpected flexibility through a primary mesh and ritualistic gestures.
Her sculptures are polymorphic, poetical, immersive — both tactile and acoustic, they give rise to evocative shell or wind chime sounds when manipulated.

Bénédicte Vallet creates an atavistic art, anchored in the primitive, collective memory of objects made with shells and raw primordial materials. Her sculptures evoke ancestral cultures — native American, Oceanian, Celtic… Flax, as a material, can become threadbare and fragile, and can be mended, just like human relationships and body joints. Bénédicte uses it to weave a universal and atemporal history of humanity.