Coralie Laverdet

Paper Sculptor

Graduated with honours from the École Boulle and from the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris. In 2011 and 2014, Coralie Laverdet won second prize at the 7th and 8th International Paper Triennale in Charmey, Switzerland.

Coralie Laverdet explores the sensitive, sensual, poetic and formal language of the material. Her work, resulting from the union of traditional techniques and a more contemporary vision, manifests her pronounced infatuation for the forms of nature, the curiosities that they generate, the vibrations that they arouse.

After numerous researches, it is on wood and paper that she concentrates today by the way of detour, recovery, recycling. From the fiber of wood to that of paper, a relationship held, complicit, sometimes complex. Impregnated by the close link between work and place, her wood or paper creations are inscribed and come to life in the architectural space.

Coralie Laverdet is represented since January 2020 by maison parisienne gallery. Her works have already been exhibited by the gallery at the Hotel Solvay in Brussels as part of BRAFA 2020, at the Collect show in London, and for the Paris Design Week.


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