Coralie Laverdet

Paper Sculptor

Coralie graduated with the highest honors from the Ecole Boulle school of art and design, and from the National School of Fine Arts in Paris. She won the second prize from the International Paper Triennal of Charmey in Switzerland in 2011 and in 2014.

Her work, born from the unique meshing of traditional techniques and contemporary visions, explores the sensitive, sensual and formal language of materials through the lens of diversion, repurposing and recycling of natural fibers.


Echos Celestes

Curiosités XXI – XXVI

Luna II Série Tondo

Luna I Série Tondo

Curiosité XII

Curiosité VII

Curiosité XVIII

D’ombre et de lumière

Curiosité XXI

Curiosité XI

Paper Art

Coralie Laverdet has been represented by maison parisienne since early 2020. Her artworks have already been exhibited by the gallery in the outstanding Hotel Solvay in Brussels for BRAFA 2020, on Collect Art Fair in London and on the occasion of Paris Design Week.

Coralie Laverdet graduated from Ecole Boulle in Paris with the highest honors, and from renowned fine art college Ecole Nationale des Beaux-Arts de Paris. She first worked alongside French sculptor Nicolas Alquin, before teaching art for several years. Coralie Laverdet was awarded with the second prize from the International Paper Triennial of Charmey in Switzerland first in 2011, and then in 2014.

From wood to paper, Coralie Laverdet explores how appearances are fabricated through the lens of human gaze. Born from the combination of traditional techniques with her contemporary vision, her work relies on the sensitive, sensual and formal language of materials. Through processes of re-appropriation, repurposing and recycling, she is inspired by shapes found in Nature, with their resulting curiosities and the vibrations they generate.

Latest Creations

“Luna I Série Tondo” is one of Coralie Laverdet’s latest creations. This wall panel explores the interplay of volumes and light on paper that has been delicately inked on the bottom. Depending on the angle and the viewpoint, projections, edges and recesses in turn appear and disappear, giving rise to sheer lunar vibrations.

Coralie Laverdet, paper sculpture “Luna I Série Tondo” — inked paper in a stainless steel frame, D 60 cm, 2020.

Through an intricate process of symmetry and inversion, “Luna II Série Tondo” is made of thousands of the same folds of paper, inked this time on the very top. As though another side of the moon, the vibrations coming off of its lunar surface seem to be seen as through a prism.

Coralie Laverdet, paper sculpture “Luna II Série Tondo” — inked paper in a stainless steel frame, D 60 cm, 2020.

The spectacular wall panel “D’ombre et de lumière,” originally meant for PAD Paris, will be presented in maison parisienne’s private showroom as well as in our upcoming new viewing room. This monumental work of art is made of undulating folds of paper that catch and reflet light in waves of moiré patterns.

paper sculpture “D’ombre et de lumière” — inked paper in a stainless steel frame, encadrement inox, 170 x 50 cm, 2019.

To be presented soon in maison parisienne’s new viewing room, are Coralie Laverdet’s latest curiosities, a collection of pebbles made entirely out of folded paper. These unique sculptures vibrate in turn with shimmering reflections and velvet effects.

  • paper sculptures “Curiosités XXII-XXVI” — inked papers, D14 to 23 cm, 2020.
  • Bespoke Creations
  • works on bespoke, commissioned projects for which she creates monumental wall panels.
  • paper wall panel “Chemins de Traverses.”
  • Private Collections
  • works of art have found a home within numerous prestigious private collections in France, in Switzerland, in Belgium and in the United Kingdom.
  • paper sculpture “Songe à Shangri-La” — private collection, Switzerland, 2012.
  • paper sculptures “Éminence I, II, III” — private collection, Switzerland, 2012.
  • paper sculpture “L’Outre-Rouge” — private collection, Switzerland, 2013.
  • paper sculpture “Curiosité VIII” — private collection, Switzerland, 2017.
  • paper sculpture “Tondo” — private collection, Great-Britain, 2019.

Art Residency

Coralie Laverdet created the installation-exhibition “Temps Aboli” (Abolished Time) to punctuate a tri-national art residency including Filizitas Diering (German curator) and Patrick Steffen (Swiss artist). This installation took place within Alspach’s abbey in Kayserberg in Alsace, France, in 2013.
The abbey, built in the Roman style in the 12th century, forms a historic enclave within a contemporary paper recycling plant. It hosted Coralie Laverdet’s monumental installation, built in and for this exceptional location. Above one ton of paper from the plant’s productions was needed for the installation, before going back to its paper lifecycle after the exhibition.

Upcoming News

Coralie Laverdet is currently working on a project in collaboration with the Mobilier National, a French national service agency administering state furniture and curating modern collections. She is also working on a brand new Tondo wall panel, with spectacular dimensions!

maison parisienne will exhibit her wall panel “D’ombre et de lumière” in an upcoming viewing room and in our private showroom.

Coralie Laverdet’s contemporary creations, recently exhibited on the occasion of Paris Design Week, will be carefully curated in a new staging of maison parisienne’s temporary showroom. Stay tuned !