Silver Sentimenti

Born in Italy, raised in a sewing workshop, between dresses and fabrics, in a family of craftsmen, Silver Sentimenti has been living in France for over 20 years.

His passion for drawing and decorative arts incited him to train in ceramic sculpture in the prestigious Instituto Gaetano Ballardini in Faenza, before turning towards scenography, graduating from the National School of Fine Arts in Bologna in 1994.

From scenography to costumes to couture, Silver moved to Paris in 1997 and worked for the most prestigious Couture houses – Maison Dior, Alexander McQueen, Karl Lagerfeld, Maison Givenchy… Before getting back to designing costumes and props to film, for theater, for opera.

In 2014, after two decades living in the fast lane, at breakneck speed and under backbreaking pressure, Silver Sentimenti decided to reconnect with ceramics.

“I love textured earth and chamotte stoneware that avec enough grain to catch light and refract it differently. The contrast between smooth and rough, glossy and matte materials is at the forefront of my work.”

Devoted to multidisciplinarity, keen on combining the diverse materials, techniques and skills that have punctuated his career, Silver now explores a new form of self-expression – embroidered ceramics. Hand-crafting porcelain or stoneware sculptures in his workshop, Silver evenly, meticulously pierces their surface with a tight network of tiny holes that are then embroidered with leather cords, passing through each hole many times, using different kinds of knots, of weaving patterns that end up patinated, waxed and polished to rich and sensual finishes.


Pyrite Vase, Small Model – Gladiator Series – 134

Pyrite Vase, Medium Model – Gladiator Series – 133

Pyrite Vase, Large Model – Gladiator Series – 135

White Pot, Small Model – Gladiator Series – 139

White Pot, Medium Model – Gladiator Series – 144

Black Pot, Metal Coins – Gladiator Series – 63

Black Pot, Large Model – Gladiator Series – 96

Black Pot, Medium Model – Gladiator Series – 141

Black Medicis Pot – Gladiator Series – 01

Black Pot, Medium Model – Gladiator Series – 67

Black Cup, Medium Model – Gladiator Series – 142

Black Cup, Large Model – Gladiator Series – 143