“An authentic work extends beyond notions of gesture; it is an embodiment of genuine love for knowledge and expertise.”

François Mathey — Artist, Craftsman

an exceptional house

maison parisienne, nomadic gallery since 2008

Celebrating how French artists can create and enjoy objects of exceptional quality and beauty, exquisite mastery and legitimacy.

Bringing into light and preserving the rich values and traditions of French craftsmanship, unique talents and skills alike.

Showcasing rare works in the most prestigious settings. So that the subtle art of French savoir-faire remains synonym of luxury and innovation…

A Parisian House

maison parisienne


Effets Matières, Simone Pheulpin and Guests – Plaza Athénée Hotel Paris 4276 3030 Maison Parisienne

Effets Matières, Simone Pheulpin and Guests – Plaza Athénée Hotel Paris

In the exceptional context of the Révélation’s “Hors-Les-Murs” VIP extramural journey, during the fourth edition of this International Fine…

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Artisans - Corsets Textile - Hubert Barrère - Artcurial - Maison Parisienne 38
Hubert Barrère, Illusion (The Metis and the Artifice) – Artcurial Paris 4480 6720 Maison Parisienne

Hubert Barrère, Illusion (The Metis and the Artifice) – Artcurial Paris

Just a few steps away from the Grand Palais, where is being held the fourth edition of the International…

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Artists represented by maison parisienne

Simone Pheulpin

Textile Artist

Born in 1941, lives and works in the Vosges

Artisans - Textile - Simone Pheulpin - Maison Parisienne 32

Simone Pheulpin has been creating mesmerizing fabric sculptures for more than 40 years. Kilometers of raw cotton and countless amounts of pins are required to fabricate each of her striking structures. Stacked then twisted together, some resemble sea shells or coral reefs, while others bring to mind other vegetal shapes.

Pierre Renart

Cabinetmaker and Designer

Born in 1990, lives and works in Blois

Artisans - Bois - Pierre Renart - Art Paris - Maison Parisienne

Tireless explorer of materials, production processes and transformation techniques, Pierre Renart combines traditional wood techniques with modern-day technologies.

Gérald Vatrin

Glass Sculptor

Born in 1981, lives and works in Nancy

Gerald Vatrin’s vibrant and delicate blown glass creations are inspired by shapes in nature, his travels, and are imbued with emotions. Each artwork is a bridge to a visual and tactile world of sensations.

Hervé Wahlen

Metal Sculptor

Born in 1957, lives and works in Paris

Hervé Wahlen is a French master coppersmith. Through the abstract volumes of his hammered metal sculptures, he transforms metal  into evocative landscapes which are an invitation for visitors to feel “the Vertigo of the Infinite”.

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