Aude Franjou

Textile Sculptor

Graduated in art history, Aude Franjou was formed in tapestry at l’école d’arts appliquées de Duperré. Since then, she has been trying to reproduce the principles of plant construction, with wire. Gradually, the need to create in volume became essential. From tapestry, Aude Franjou has retained only the gesture. It is the desire for repetition that has guided her work towards modular composition. A single starting point, a single form that can be declined ad infinitum, alive through its principles of replication and evolution.

The choice of thread as a medium was a determining element. Today it is linen that Aude Franjou has decided to use in her creations because of the many forms of linen. The shapes she creates are born from the wrapping of raw linen fibres by a thread made from these same fibres. The flax thread wraps around each piece of fibre a hundred times. The tension provided by the thread holds the fibres together and creates a petrified material. The colour is the final touch. It appears as a revelation of volume, as a signature. The strength of her work is to embody a living principle, a slow, silent but powerful and inevitable growth, the victory of living matter over the inert. This is why she likes to exhibit her sculptures in both urban and natural environments.


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