Jérôme Blanc

Wood Sculptor

After training at the Ecole des Arts et Métiers in Geneva in cabinet making and carpentry, Jérôme Blanc travels to Australia where he discovers sculpture and contemporary woodturning. A revelation that will never leave him. Throughout his career, he received numerous distinctions and has exhibited regularly in Switzerland, Europe and the United States. His pieces have been acquired by various public and private institutions.

The illusion of matter obsesses him. He initiates a reflection on the metamorphosis of sculptural forms transposed into different materials and strives to understand and appropriate the world of glass and bronze formally. Through this journey beyond material boundaries, Jérôme Blanc explores the world of trompe-l’oeil, succeeding in bringing out in the viewer what one might call a certain disorientation of the senses. Wood is extremely light, glass and bronze are heavy and cold, while the finishes of the bronze and wood pieces make them difficult to identify. Thus the preconceived idea is shaken, the look and the touch are no longer reliable and a new aesthetic experience comes to the eyes of the spectators.

The creator has an attraction for the line, geometry, architecture, light, and is inspired by what surrounds him, nature or the urban environment. The societal and environmental issues sometimes transpose themselves in some of his pieces and question the correlation of the man and the vegetal. But his research proves that he never forgets his wood, always magnified under his hand.


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