Prisca Razafindrakoto

Her career began at Ensaama Oliviers de Serres in Paris. At the end of her training in product design, Prisca chose to turn to the Métiers d’Arts and joined the metal workshop. After a 5-year course to build and develop her approach between crafts and design, she chose in 2019 to set up her own business in a shared workshop in the Paris region where she devotes herself to the design and manufacture of furniture and custom-made objects.

Of Franco-Malagasy origin, the crossbreeding of cultures is at the heart of her approach and generates a language of forms between surrealism and minimalism. She finds inspiration both in tribal arts, which she has encountered through her travels in Africa, but also in movements such as the Bauhaus or in the work of designers like those of the Memphis group. This crossbreeding is also a crossbreeding of practices. She plays with the semantic limits of the object and places her work halfway between sculpture and design.

Her creative approach consists in questioning the processes of shaping and their impacts on the material, both in their formal and in their aesthetic dimensions. Fascinated by the sensitive and delicate character of metal, she likes to deconstruct the preconceived ideas about this material, which she approaches in a light, colorful and warm manner.


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