Valérie Jolly

Paper Sculptor

A graduate of the Saint Martins School of Art and Design in London, Valerie Jolly received the Royal British Society of Sculptors Award in 2008.

The particularity of Valerie Jolly’s work is to create silk paper sculptures molded on everyday objects. With the combination of silk paper, white glue and water, she can capture all the details of the object, like a second skin, but also its place in space.

The artist also creates abstract light sculptures, molded on wood or cardboard. Among them, the “Edgy” series, presenting a tangle of paper cubes, like an alabaster trompe-l’oeil. When lit from the inside, these delicate creations are at the border between art and design.

For the “Fonction Oblique” series, Valérie Jolly molds very long and elegant forms on cardboard that she associates with cut stones, such as marble or travertine. The sculpture made of paper creates a mirror effect with the one in cut stone. This same
association can be found in her new series “Tectonic”.

Valérie Jolly also mixes her paper casts with natural stones as in the “Géométrie” series. The graphism of the paper intermingles with the organic forms of the stones, reinforcing the contrast between the sensuality of the illuminated paper and the raw minerality of the stone.


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