Alchemic Ceremony

Elyhouse – Mallett – London
October 2014
Investing the British capital on the incomparable occasion of PAD London and the Frieze, maison parisienne partnered with fine antique dealer Mallett in their scrumptious Mayfair townhouse. Rubbing shoulder with antique furniture and art objects, maison parisienne presented the best of contemporary artcraft in this harmonious “Alchemic Ceremony.” Dedicated to contemporary artists and craftsmen who can transform the most insignificant of material into a rare artwork of outstanding quality, maison parisienne displayed a true cabinet of curiosities, complete with the signature delicacies of Maison Pierre Marcolini, fine purveyor of chocolate and macarons, for a full sensory overload.

Exhibited works

De l’exception nous avons fait notre règle.

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