Galerie de Portraits

Studio Harcourt
December 2020

Organized by maison parisienne at Studio Harcourt, Aurélie Mathigot’s solo show “Galerie de Portraits” is based on a correspondence between 50 unique artworks by Aurélie Mathigot – sharp portraits, blurred portraits, in black and white, in color – and Studio Harcourt’s mythical portraits.
Through partial or total correspondances, when Studio Harcourt embellishes, intensifies and deepens its subject by its signature light and shade, Aurélie Mathigot uses a subtle interplay of textures.

From Aurélie Mathigot’s self portrait to Studio Harcourt’s founder Cosette Harcourt’s portrait, those unique portraits present two writings and re-writings of the history of photography, and represent two singular visions.

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