Julien Vermeulen au Studio Harcourt

Studio Harcourt – Paris 16ème
June 2022

Maison parisienne is pleased to announce the exhibition of Julien Vermeulen at the Studio Harcourt. Indeed, on the occasion of the entry of Julien Vermeulen’s artwork, Black Gem, into the permanent collections of the Musée des Arts Décoratifs de Paris, maison parisienne is organizing an exhibition “Julien Vermeulen au Studio Harcourt” from June 23rd to July 23rd 2022.

The exhibition of Julien Vermeulen will propose a correspondence between his unique artwork and the mythical portraits of the Studio Harcourt. A partial or total correspondence, where the Studio Harcourt embellishes, intensifies and intensifies the subject with its emblematic use of light, Julien Vermeulen uses a combination of textures and reliefs.

Handling each feather like a projector whose angle is calculated to reflect the light that touches it, Julien Vermeulen captures an ideal moment of light by playing with the thousands of facets of the feathers that make up his paintings. Like a dreamlike landscape that changes with each artwork according to its lighting, it is the simple, deep black that sublimates the light, transcends the material and reveals all the complexity of the feather.

De l’exception nous avons fait notre règle.

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