La Promenade du Collectionneur III

Hôtel Solvay – Brussels
January 2020
From January 22 to 26, 2020, maison parisienne comes back to Brussels on the occasion of its 10th exhibition in the Belgian capital. This time around, maison parisienne settles into the spectacular Art nouveau landmark of the Hôtel Solvay, a townhouse designed by Brussels star architect Victor Horta. Throughout this stunning example of architecture, maison parisienne displayed over 250 artworks by its French artists and craftsmen. Textile wonders, exquisite ceramics, breathtaking glassworks, metal curiosities and high-end furniture in precious wood essences commingled with the intricate design of the place, creating a surprisingly symbiotic dialogue between past and present heritage to properly celebrate the start of 2020.

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Exhibited works

Hugo Série Anfractuosité

Jeanne Série Faille

Olivier Série Croissance

Arantèle 2020

Magic Umbrella

Crystal Jellyfish IV

Crystal Jellyfish III

Crystal Jellyfish II

Crystal Jellyfish

Jarre Snow Gold

Tabouret Bas Alba

Tabouret Haut Alba

Banc A fleur de peau

Console Haut Bois

Géométrie 4

Géométrie 3

Géométrie 2

Nasse Phanons Noues

Sylve Sirène des Marais

Carthographie Cosmos Mue Kathe

Carthographie Kathe Seiche

Curiosité XI

Curiosité XXI

Curiosité XII

Curiosité VII

Curiosité XVIII

Divine Proportion V

Trait d’Union

Passer par un trou noir est parfois trou blanc

Divine Proportion IV

Divine Proportion III

White Surface

Surface Noire

Möbius Console

De l’exception nous avons fait notre règle.

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