La Promenade du Collectionneur IV

Private Showroom – Paris
June 2020
maison parisienne settles for the Summer 2020 in a parisian apartment entirely redesigned by a French interior architect. Ideally located a stone’s throw from La Madeleine in Paris – a historic neoclassical monument built in 1806 on the ruins of a Roman chapel dedicated St-Madeleine in 1238. maison parisienne provided the finishing touch for this stunning contemporary interior, with more than 70 artworks carefully placed in each room. Vestibule, living, kitchen, master’s suite… even the guest bedroom and its adjoining bathroom are turned into a glowing showcase for the rare objects from maison parisienne’s audacious collections.

Exhibited works

Elise Série Eclipse

Guillaume Série Eclipse

Wonders of Egg 8

Wonders of Egg 7

Wonders of Egg 5

Wonders of Egg 4

Wonders of Egg 1

Architectonica Maxima Verre

Architectonica Maxima Bronze

Arantèle 2020

Bouquet Pricilliaé

Tabouret Bas Alba

Tabouret Haut Alba

Photo Volée 6

Photo Volée 5

Photo Volée 4

Photo Volée 3

Photo Volée 2

Photo Volée 1

Suspendu dans le temps

Géométrie 4

Géométrie 3

Carthographie Kathe Seiche

Trait d’Union

Passer par un trou noir est parfois trou blanc

Divine Proportion IV

L’angle d’or

Black Stripes 3

Black Stripes 2

Black Stripes 1

White Surface

Console Série Relief

Möbius Console

De l’exception nous avons fait notre règle.

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