Julien Vermeulen

Feather Artist

For Julien Vermeulen, winner of the 2018 Fondation Bettencourt Schueller prize “Handcrafts – Exceptional Talents”, innovation and reinvention share a key role as he constantly strives to pushe himself beyond his own technical limits. While respecting the traditional protocols of feather art, Julien also develops new techniques and uses for feathers. Scientific treatments and dyeing techniques have made it possible for him to transform the appearance of his feathers even further. Whether burnt, frizzed (curled), colored or glued…, peacock, ostrich, goose and pheasant feathers are prepared for being in the spotlight. His creative output is prolific and spectacular: in his hands, feathers become paintings, wall panels, decorative ornaments and sculptures.

Julien created a spectacular wall, “Black Ocean, “composed of 12 000 feathers for the Toguna art space within the Palais de Tokyo in Paris.