Juliette Clovis

Born in 1978, Juliette Clovis is a French visual and ceramic artist. After studying law and art history in the prestigious French Ecole du Louvre, Juliette worked for a time in communications before training in graphic design in the French Ecole des Gobelins. Nowadays, Juliette is entirely devoted to her artistic practice.

Juliette creates sculptures that seem to exist in the ambiguous space between natural and artificial, combining their striking beauty with an underlying impression of menacing danger. In a dream-like yet thought-provoking commentary on the power balance between between humanity and its environment, between what is organic and what is man-made, Juliette explores the idea of a continuous and universal cycle of life and death, going from new life forms to the onset of death, and back again.

With scales artificially recreated with ceramics, porcelain and enamel, a unique material that opens an endless field of possibilities, Juliette brings to life biomorphic sculptures with ambiguous and symbolic values, with new textures and new forms of vegetal or animal life.

Maison Parisienne presents artworks from her Kinetic Garden collection, made of limited editions inspired by botanics, with Latin names that bring about another touch of singular, almost alchemic, mystery.