Juliette Clovis

Born in 1978, Juliette Clovis is a French visual artist and ceramist. After studying law and art history at the Ecole du Louvre, Juliette worked for a while in the field of communication before taking a new course in graphic design at the Ecole des Gobelins and devoting herself, finally, to her art. 

Juliette Clovis works on her sculptures between the natural and the artificial, combining the striking beauty of her pieces with an underlying sense of danger, in a commentary that is both dreamlike and provocative on the relationship between humanity and the environment, the power relations between the organic and the man-made, and the notion of an endless, universal cycle of new life forms as death approaches. 

With artificially recreated ceramic scales, between porcelain cookie and enamel, a unique material with infinite possibilities of implementation and volume, Juliette Clovis composes budding and biomorphic sculptures, recreating new textures between the animal and the vegetable. 

maison parisienne presents works from its Kinetic Garden collection, limited series inspired by botany, whose often Latin names still infuse a part of sibylline mystery, in a singular alchemy.


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