Lilian Daubisse

Born in France in 1970, Lilian Daubisse graduated from the School of Fine Arts in Nantes (Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Nantes) before working for theater and opera stage-setting. He currently lives and works in northern France.

Using ordinary materials that are charged with emotions – corrugated cardboard and paper – Lilian Daubisse endeavors to reveal the unexpected strength of the common materials he puts forward in decorative objects of great beauty and striking curiosity.

“I discovered his material by fluke. Ever since, I’ve been mainly using corrugated cardboard that is dense and wood-like and that allows me to work on all its chromatic nuances.”

Diving inside material, Lilian Daubisse cuts cardboard into thin bands that he distorts, then folds, then weaves into checkerboard patterns, then sews, playing with the different hues and reflections, playing with the full and the empty spaces, creating energy waves that vibrate on the surface. With an entire ritual of repetitive gestures, Lilian Daubisse makes masks, ornaments, mysterious and poetical artefacts.


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