Console Haut Bois

Width: 200 cm
Height: 88 cm
Depth: 45 cm
Macassar ebony, nickel-plated metal, iron and gold powder, interior in lacquered beech
The Console Haut Bois is an elegant work of contrast between its high and slender brass-plated metal base and its Macassar ebony chest, each grain of which is inlaid with metal dust and gold. The drawer linings are made of beech wood, lacquered in a striking shade of bright red. As if placed in levitation, the Console Haut Bois is the work of an illusionist, a prestidigitator: it recreates a mass suspended above a base that seems too thin to support its weight. Like a magic trick, the console questions balance, perspective and the mass of the material
Unique Piece – Possible on commission
In stock

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