Caroline Wagenaar

Ceramic and Metal Artist

Caroline Wagenaar graduated in copper-plate engraving from the Craft Department of the Ecole Estienne School in Paris. She then pursued her studies in ceramic production within Rochampton College Art Department in London. She also participated in an artist residency in the Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park in Japan.

She won the Young Creator award from the Maison & Objet art fair in Paris in 2005, and her work has earned her several other honours and awards including from the Vexin prize for excellency in craft practice.

Black and white, stone ware and steel, Caroline Wagenaar’s sculptures combine two very contrasted materials in surprising creations between soft ceramic and harsh metal.

She sculpts monumental and unfinished amphoras with rope, before glazing in white stoneware. Limited by the size of the oven, her ceramic pieces are enhanced by the addition of metal. She cold-hammers the steel before she welds it and applies patina. Once done, the metal element encloses the glazed ceramic – like the mounting of a jewel or a protective armour.

Her pots, surprising small formats with a dual nature, are decorated with poetical metal collars.

Caroline Wagenaar also creates practical pieces with varied finishes – a very polished work between metal and ceramic.


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