Hervé Wahlen

Sculptor and Coppersmith

Hervé Wahlen is a French sculptor and coppersmith. He uses traditional coppersmith techniques and processes to produce sculptures and art object as well as furniture (consoles and sconces). In activity since 1983, Hervé Wahlen has collaborated with Peruvian artist Fabian Sanchez on the creation of a monumental sculpture for the 1988 Seoul Summer Olympics. He then worked as a teacher, training a new generation of master coppersmiths.

For some years now, Hervé Wahlen has been working with well-known coppersmith René-Gabriel Lacroix’s historic tools, which have been given to him by Lacroix’s heir — wooden anvils, hammers and mallets in particular. His sculptures unfurl in smooth lines and gentle, almost organic curves that are patinated and polished to a luxurious finish.

Hervé Wahlen has been exhibited many times in France, in Switzerland, in the United-States and in the United Kingdom since 1995. He has been awarded with the Prix de la Fondation de la Vocation de Paris (Vocation Foundation Grand Prize from the Council of Paris) in 1984.

Hervé Wahlen’s sculptures entered into prestigious private collections, such as Bill Gates’s Collection, Paloma Picasso’s and Peter Marino’s Collection, as well as public collections such as that of the DRAC Ile-de-France (the Regional Direction for Cultural Affairs in Ile-de-France).